The Ultimate Rearz Diaper Guide

Rearz has worked hard to create one of the most extensive and versatile adult diaper line-ups in the world! With diapers that are good for wearing during the daytime, diapers that are good for during the night-time, thicker diapers, thinner diapers, white diapers, printed diapers, diapers with adhesive tabs, diapers with hook & loop tabs, diapers with scents, diapers with a stay dry fast absorption core, it seems like the variety is never ending!

There's a diaper that suits the needs of everyone and this guide will make it clearer which diapers have which features, allowing you to make the best choice for you!

The guide takes you through the following features:

  • Sizes and Fit
  • Capacity
  • Protection
  • Type of fasteners
  • Fragrance 

Download the Full Guide here:

Rearz Diaper Guide

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